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Founded in 2009, we provide confidential Spirit Removal and Rescue for people and property through pioneering, unique, 100% effective processes. We are a private group of expert clergy, spiritual counselors, intuitives, and energy workers who collaborate in removing, guiding, and rescuing spirits and non-physical entities. Our Founders and associates confidentially provide loving, professional, judgment-free spiritual counseling to clients all over the world, assisting them in achieving their highest spiritual needs in ways unlike anyone else. Unlike so called “Ghost Hunters” or “Paranormal Researchers” we “remove ghosts” permanently by respectfully guiding them over into the Light and helping them resolve their unfinished business on Earth. “Ghost removal” applies to all types of energies, spirits or entities that are negatively affecting (haunting) a person or their property.




Rush Order

Rush orders are completed in the order in which they are received. Thankfully, we’ve never had two at one time! Your emergency is our emergency.


Large Estate Clearing

For large estates such as mansions, villas, palaces and castles we offer a highly confidential report of our findings.


Ghosts 101 – Take the quiz. Annie Kolatkar and Meredith Herrenbruck, huna, facilitator and author of Becoming Ridiculously Awesome test your knowledge about entities and share stories.

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What People Are Saying

Hooley Dooley! I had no idea so much was affecting my rental property out in the boonies. I’m so glad you were able to clear everything right away.

K.J. Property Investor

Western Australia

My little girl is not having nightmares about fire anymore. What a relief. Thank you.


C.G. Homeowner

Capetown, South Africa

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