10 Unseen Reasons Why Properties Don’t Sell or Lease

1.)    Negative energy –in spaces, created by anger, fear, anxiety, malicious intent, hatred, frustration, bad experiences and more. This energy remains in the space, unseen, but felt by many.

2.)    Stagnant energy –stored up that needs releasing. Some people do not know how to clean, which leads to dead or stagnant energy lingering in a space.

3.)    Not Me Energy –the energy in the space is too defined by the previous occupant(s) making it difficult for newcomers to relate. Here is where setting the space to neutral is very useful.

4.)    Abused House Syndrome –energy imprint of violence to the physical building still with the structure even after remodel and repairs.

5.)    Ley lines –earth’s energy lines strongly running through the property causing people to feel unbalanced or “odd”.

6.)    Ghosts –attached to buildings, land or objects contained therein. These are people that were former tenants, neighbors, tribal land inhabitants, died on the location or buried nearby.

7.)    Ghost portals –found on or nearby the property that bring an unusual amount of energetic traffic to an area. These can be moved to a location that does not affect anyone.

8.)    Entities and Demons –that were attracted to what went on inside the building or the former occupants. These can be unattached to the land or building but still negatively affect occupants.

9.)    Neighbor’s Energy –hoarders, predators, police stations and jails, bars and places of prostitution or gambling, hospitals, abortion clinics, funeral homes, factories, etc.

10.) My Entities Don’t Like Your Entities –a buyer or leasor will have their own entities attached to them and their energies may not relate to the ones attached to the land or buildings.

Don’t Let A Haunted House Scare You!
If your property is not selling, let us clear all these reasons so that your property is ready for the next person. Don’t you want to see your property fly off the market so you can move on to better things with your time and energy? We can get you back in the market with a property that has a fresh feeling that welcome’s people and creates interest. The rest is up to you.

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