About Us

Founded in 2009, we provide confidential Spirit Removal and Rescue for people and property through pioneering, unique, 100% effective processes.

We are a private group of expert clergy, spiritual counselors, intuitives, and energy workers who collaborate in removing, guiding, and rescuing spirits and non-physical entities.

Our Founders and associates confidentially provide loving, professional, judgment-free spiritual counseling to clients all over the world, assisting them in achieving their highest spiritual needs in ways unlike anyone else.

Unlike so called “Ghost Hunters” or “Paranormal Researchers” we “remove ghosts” permanently by respectfully guiding them over into the Light and helping them resolve their unfinished business on Earth.

“Ghost removal” applies to all types of energies, spirits or entities that are negatively affecting (haunting) a person or their property.

Our clients range from individuals and their families to homes, commercial and industrial properties, even houses of worship. We’ve also cleared major league sports teams, organizations and their sporting arenas.

Meet the Founders and Directors

With hundreds of years of combined service, the Founders and members of the Spiritual Services Group care for loved ones and their souls. They’ve assisted more than half a million spiritual entities into the Light, and freed countless people and property from the negative effects of these lost and lingering souls.

Filled with love and integrity, they’re honored to be trusted and asked to serve so many people and families, supporting their highest spiritual needs while positively affecting their day to day experience. As practitioners, they have successfully worked with and on behalf of thousands of people.

A talented, spiritual intuitive her entire life, Anne Marie is a Master Practitioner in Family Constellation Therapy for groups and individuals, Spirit Releasement Therapy, as well as other modalities. With vast skills and life experiences, Annie is adored by her clients and deeply respected by her colleagues. She is a charter member of the Changework Institute, and is credited with many innovations in non-physical medicine and neuro-technologies. Her Advanced Energy Healing work can be explored at Brain Integration Institute, which she founded with Ashley Lee. She resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband and two children.

Anne Marie Peterson-Kolatkar

Founder, Director

Spiritually gifted, loving and caring healer, Mike pioneered many standard techniques and technologies used in spirit work and counseling today. A Master Practitioner and creative innovator in many disciplines, Mike also founded the Changework Institute and SF Center for Emotional Healing in San Francisco, California. He has helped countless people worldwide through his private practice, and is a sought after public speaker on Spiritual Entities, their effects upon our lives, and new technologies for changing our lives. He is a PTSD expert and works with adults, first responders and the military to heal PTSD in just a few sessions. He resides in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California.

Mike Peterson

Founder, Director

Meredith is a gentle, loving soul with the gift of non-judgment for others. Deeply gifted, she is a Master NLP Practitioner, Family Constellation Facilitator and inducted as a Kahuna on the big island of Hawaii by Mark Saito in 2009. She is also a member of the Changework Institute in San Francisco, California. She is also a published author and her book Becoming Ridiculously Awesome contains loads of spiritual wisdom. She lives in Marin County with her husband, daughter and dog Tucker. Her professional website is Realm of Intention Experience.

Meredith Herrenbruck

Adjunct Advisor

Ashley is a medical intuitive who works with highly sensitive children and their families to support them in being fully empowered in their environments when there are “energies” around. She founded Center for Conscious Kids to further support families who are raising consciously aware children to help them find resources that align with their consciousness. Ashley is an Advanced Energy Healer who works remotely to clear people of their allergies, toxins, pathogens, chronic conditions and focuses on all aspects of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Her professional websites are Ashley Lee Healing.

Ashley Lee

Adjunct Advisor