Yes, almost every house has entities or emotional energies attached in some form or another. If they are not attached, they can still visit a house and disturb the occupants. Entities, which includes human ghosts or earthbounds, “haunt” places even if people are not present because they are unable or unwilling to consent to being dead and move on. So what does it mean to haunt a house or haunt a person?



1. to visit habitually or appear to frequently as a spirit or ghost: to haunt a house; to haunt a person. recur persistently to the consciousness of; remain with visit frequently; go to often disturb or distress; cause to have anxiety; trouble; worry remain persistently; loiter; stay; linger.

Any energy hanging around that doesn’t belong, was uninvited, is contrary to the desired experience of the occupants makes a place haunted. Have you ever walked into a room that had just been vacated and felt like there was still a certain something in the air –like anger, tensions or fear? A good place to experience this is a hospital. It’s everywhere. Often, the people who die at the hospital get confused and linger there. Their family’s grief lingers there, along with all their prayers, hopes and desires. House are just like this only the range of haunted experience can be from zero to OMG-this-house-has-to-be-haunted!

How Can I Tell If A Place Needs Clearing?
Just because you can’t see, hear or feel entities (energy that comes with a variety of emotional experiences or the soul of another) doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Our experiences are filtered by our senses, our beliefs, and our trust or faith  in our awareness or intuition.That’s why people outsource energy cleaning to us. We check in on what is present and negatively affecting occupants of a space and then clear everything all at once. We also reset the energy of a place to neutral, so that the next occupants can bring the energy they want to their space. This makes us very unique from other people who do entity clearings or ghost removal.

I Know My Home (or Business) Needs Clearing!
Many people, in fact the majority, already know that they have an assortment of energies that need clearing from their spaces. Here are some examples of how people know their spaces need clearing:

If you are a kinesthetic type person, you might have goosebumps, or the hair on your neck raise, feel cold or hot, a touch somewhere on your body, or your feet just don’t want to go down into the basement.

Visual type persons might see orbs, gray mist, forms or other energetic body/mass in a space. They might see slight shifts in objects, lights in corners of rooms where there is no light source, and color changes on an object.

Auditory type persons will hear voices, music, slight noises, a breath or sigh, creaks, and other words that randomly pop into their minds when they are in the presence of entities.

Highly intuitive type people will actually be able to feel the energy, put experiences and story together with the entity or identify ghosts that are present. They usually are highly sensitive and possess a well developed sense of intuition.

If you experience unusual goings-on in your home or work environment, and want to clear them now, please contact us. It is completely non-resourceful to have paranormal activity going around you because your brain and consequently, your nervous system, are responding as if there are unseen threats that might put your survival at risk. This can disrupt your endocrine system or merely ruin your focus and concentration. Either way, wouldn’t you rather be using your brain and energy for some purposeful task of your chosing?

Help is here. Reach out and contact us to clear your property today. You’ll be glad you did.

Warmest regards,
Annie Peterson-Kolatkar
Founder and Advanced Energy Healer