What Are Entities?

Spirits and entities range from people who died but haven’t passed over into the Light, to fragments of people’s souls and consciousness, their negative emotions and more. Spiritual entities are as unique and varied as you can imagine. Ghosts, also known as earthbounds, are entities and once removed from the property and guided over into the Light, are at peace and do not return.

Dark Force Energies are actually quite rare, but they do exist. We take care of all of these and restore them to where it is appropriate so they no longer cause problems.

How do you know what to clear if you are not on the property?

We only need the address of the property that needs clearing. We work remotely. We have highly satisfied clients around the world. Please see our testimonials to learn more.

Our Guarantee :

We will facilitate the complete clearing of all ghosts, spirits, entities and negative energies from whatever property or persons for which we are contracted. We certify that we will continue to monitor and maintain the property as “All Clear” for a full year.

Free Consultation :

Let us answer your questions via email. Maximum of three questions, please.

How long does it take for you to get rid of the ghosts and entities?

From when we receive payment, it can be done anywhere from a day to a week. We will contact you and confirm the “All Clear and get a certificate letter of clearing to you” via email.