Specialty Produce Network and Center for Conscious Kids recently invited Spirit Free Property to podcast with them on how children are affected by ghosts and other entities in their home or school environment and how we help. One of the hosts asked how we are so effective in clearing properties and truthfully, the answer is not found in “how” but in “who”.

The short answer is Love and Non-Judgment heals the soul of a ghost and helps it move on in its soul journey. This is what makes the removal permanent. We also handle a vast array of entities with the same respect and non-judgment so that they are removed from the properties we cleanse and heal.

Who Performs The Ghost Removal Service Is Very Important

We at Spirit Free Property would tell you that we were each called to do this unusual yet soul satisfying work. We are all ministers or psychics who have studied Family Constellation facilitation, Advanced Energy Healing modalities, Emotional Wisdom, neuro linguistics for the soul, Huna, Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Methods, A Course In Miracles (ACIM), theology and philosophy and a lifetime of learning which supports helping others heal.

All of us routinely work to heal our own lives so we can be even more effective in guiding souls into choosing the state of Heaven, which includes Peace, Happiness, Joy and Love.

It is of the utmost importance that the facilitator come from what we call, “Universal” or “Holy Spirit” Mind rather than Ego Mind. We refrain from making judgments and personal beliefs about what we identify in the home, business or land so that we do not add to the conditions of the conflict we are here to resolve. Objectively, we stand in the perceptual Truth of our clients and the entities, which allows us to provide soul healing for everyone involved. Through our diligent investigation process we determine the conflicts of why these entities are still present, stuck in a dimension or this realm of awareness that doesn’t serve their highest soul purpose.

To be in service to the soul requires a healer stand in their True Nature, which is Love. When this happens, the healer is able to assist the soul stuck in conflict, which is the real reason the ghosts are earth bound in the first place. Our goal is always to help the ghost(s) achieve sovereignty so they can be at peace and in their true place.

How Come Ghosts and Entities Attach To My House?

Ghosts have conflicts with others, whether it is family, relatives and in-laws, perpetrators and victims, officials –the list is endless. The root cause of Conflicts are about having a belief in “others and life circumstances being the source of my feelings” and also having judgments about those individuals who they believed to be the source of their feelings.

Many ghosts have not consented to their Fate around Life Circumstances such as war, losses from poverty, epidemics, illness or famine, business, love and more. So when their human form died, they just remained hanging out where they died, at the source of the conflict or, alternatively, where they remember being the happiest. Many ghosts just don’t know where to go and end up wandering.

However, it is always conflicts that keep ghosts stuck! Some ghosts are still waiting for an apology, for instance, while others are hoping to heal their dead body and refusing to believe they are dead. Some want revenge or to be vindicated, some want to be forgiven or seek redemption. Many ghosts hang out with family to see the first grandchild or to protect their family but never move on. The conflict energy in the “family ghost” is often rooted in a belief that they won’t be able to do so from “Heaven” or “The Light” or some other place. This is not true. Some ghosts fear reincarnation and hell and cling to what feels familiar.

Collectively, we at Spirit Free Property have just about seen and heard from tens of thousands of ghosts –so if you can imagine a human conflict, there is a ghost with that conflict somewhere. This is one reason why we recommend that people learn to release conflict energy on a daily basis for their health and happiness. See here for our online webinars to learn more.

Furthermore, entities attached to homes, for example, because they want to be part of the energy being created or sustained in a home by whomever lives there. Entities “feed” off of conflict energy and stimulate it to keep it going. As expert ghost removal facilitators, we are all very effective at clearing all-entities-all-at-once and manage them appropriately so they do not attach to others or other properties.

Additionally, we check in on an extensive list of internal and external energetic influences within a quarter mile of the property to bring the property into the highest and best energetic alignment for the occupants.

TIPS: We do not recommend people engage with ghosts or entities for a multitude of reasons. This can open up people to psychic and energetic attacks, violations, and other negative effects to your brain and nervous system. People who seek to gather photographic evidence and recordings of entities; and those who use sage and crystals are often seen by entities as “people going into battle” with them –and it does not work. This can create serious conflict energy with entities attached to a property and stir up bigger problems. Be advised that everything attached can be cleared all-at-once. Sometimes, with highly sensitive clients or their family members, such as little children, they may unconsciously recruit or bring home a ghost as a pet, a friend, an ally or someone they feel they can help. This would require added support for these highly sensitive clients.

Amazing Places We Have Addressed Ghost’s Needs

Golden Gate Bridge
A Major League Baseball Field*
El Royale Apartments in Los Angeles
Indian and Civil War Battlefield in Pennsylvania*
WWII Liberty Ship in SFBA
Churches; Church with graveyard*
Over a Dozen of Hollywood Star Homes*
Elementary School in CA*
A Children’s Hospital in CA*
*anonymity requested

Our Guarantee

We at Spirit Free Property guarantee as your ghost removal service provider to be 100% effective in the removal of all entities attached or unattached but negatively affecting the occupants. We want our clients to feel confident and happy in their home and work environments.

Benefits of Ghost Removal Service

Here are some of the things that our clients report have improved for them:

  • Improved sleep for the entire family
  • Clients report their clients and patients tell them “your space feels great!”
  • Adrenal exhaustion and nervous system began to heal
  • Keys and money no longer “move”
  • Home(s) feel peaceful and calm
  • Focus and concentration improved
  • Nightmares stopped
  • Children stopped worrying
  • “My space seems to just get better and better!”

We Want To Be Your Ghost Removal Service Provider of Choice

If you are bothered by the way your space feels and would like to improve your environment, we’re here to help. We’ll remove all the energies of the previous owners or occupants, and people such as a contractor, architect and construction workers. We’ll make sure only your beautiful and positive energies are left in your space. If you are selling or leasing out, we’ll set your space to neutral for the next person so you can sell or lease faster.

Summary of Our Comprehensive Ghost Removal Service

  • Clarity of the healer
  • Deliver a soul healing for the ghost(s) to give them lasting peace and joy
  • Support the Highly Sensitive Client and/or family members who may be unconsciously recruiting ghosts as friends
  • Create a peaceful environment
  • Confidential
  • 100% effective processes
  • Guaranteed Remediation

Here’s to your peaceful, supportive environment!

-Annie Peterson-Kolatkar
Founder & Advanced Energy Healer