On occasion, I hear people ponder the idea of how to become a ghost and only one person ever asked that all important question, “Will I be a ghost when I die?”  Naturally, we all laugh and joke about who we would spy on, haunt or scare if given the chance to be a ghost, but hardly anyone ever considers if they are headed in that direction. The facts might concern you.

In our line of work we have to offer each ghost emotional wisdom support and soul level healing in order to clear it off the property or person they are attached to. We can easily reverse engineer the reasons they are a ghost in the first place and show you how to become a ghost, too, if you do not do your spiritual-emotional homework in life. Let’s take a look!

Being a Ghost Is No Fun

Trust us on this fact! Being a ghost is about self-punishment, disempowerment, being manipulated by energies and entities, it is about being in pain forever until help arrives –if it arrives. All the Organismic Rights you have in a physical body are gone:

  • the right to have needs … no one except a spiritual advisor can help at this point.
  • the right to exist … gone with your body, your money and incarnate experience
  • the right to assert yourself … gone with your voice (do you have any idea how difficult it is for a ghost to utter one to two words that are audible and identifiable?)
  • the right to be loved and loved appropriately … unfortunately, most people do not remember to love their ancestors. Ghosts do not age, per se, but the longer they are around, the chance that anyone remembers to love them disappears with the passage of time. Most people do not know their great grandparents, for example, so they do not think to love them. Ghost are often treated poorly by other ghosts. There is very little love for ghosts in general because there is fear of them and feelings of victimization by ghosts in most people. Consequently, ghosts rarely ever get love.
  • the right to independence … we have never found a ghost without entities attached. This is by far the most, if not worst, codependent situation ever.
  • the right to be emancipated and sovereign … this still exists, believe it or not, but if the knowledge to be in this state was operational and functional, the soul would not be stuck on a dimension operating as a ghost. Rather, they would declare sovereignty from all conflicts and move into the State of Heaven, which is Peace, Happiness, Joy and Love and move into a dimension that vibrates to Truth and Love and simply be in a State of Pure Awareness.

How To Become A Ghost

When a person does not “surrender” to what happened to them in their lifetime, they resist the Truth of what happened in Life and stay stuck in Conflict Energy. Conflict Energy is what makes us mentally, emotional, spiritually and physically ill. Unresolved conflicts mean the person has attachment to places, other people, regrets about what they did or did not do and life circumstances such as war, loss of a loved one or losing money or a home. If you want to know how to become a ghost, just stay stuck in all the aforementioned conflicts and you will be a success.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Do you live with regrets?
  • Do you live with anger towards another?
  • Do you harbor ill will towards a country –especially your homeland?
  • Do you feel betrayed?
  • Have you been cast out of your family, forgotten or denied your rightful place in your family or another family?
  • Are you lost to anyone?
  • Do you feel you were forced to do something against your principles and moral values?
  • Have you completely forgiven your tormentor(s), abuser(s) or are you still triggered emotionally by a similar trigger?
  • Do you carry emotional pain around something you never have been able to let go of?
  • Do you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?
  • Do you identify with Victims?
  • Do you hate?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions, you might want to explore some healing options with one of our very gifted spiritual counselors.

The answer to “Will I be a ghost?” all depends on you. Help is available and the time is now. There are more ghosts than the living and Lightworkers are few. If you thought the lines at the post office and DMV were long, guess again. Being able to connect with someone who is able to help you from the dimension you get stuck in as a ghost is a serious matter. We have found numerous ghosts here in America that were several hundred years old. The relief they experienced, at finally achieving soul healing and becoming free of the dimension they were stuck on, was profound. You can release the conflicts you carry and live in the State of Heaven right here on Earth. And we can help you get the jump start you need. We clear our clients of entities and offer family constellation work to support you in your efforts to be happy, loved, feeling safe and confident; not how to be a ghost.

While you might entertain the idea of how to become a ghost for fun and entertainment, it really is not worth it.

Aspire to release your conflicts in this lifetime and seek connection with your Enlightened Self –or Highest Higher Self and commit to forgiving your conflicts and we guarantee you will be much happier and experience more peace. We can show you how with our programs at the Brain Integration Institute. Click here for more information.

Warmest regards,

Annie Peterson-Kolatkar
Founder & Advanced Energy Healer

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