I Need An Exorcist

Dearest Reader,

“We/I need an exorcist” are words I hear quite often. Clients and other people are often pleasantly surprised to learn that I and several of my colleagues are expert exorcists. We quietly do our work that we call entity and energy clearings and call ourselves facilitators and advanced energy healers.

Historically, for as long as ancient man has been able to document life, occurrences of spirit possession have been recorded in history. Even Jesus was known to have preformed an exorcism in the New Testament. The Catholic Rite of Exorcism began in the 15th Century, over 500 years ago. And in 1999 the Vatican declared that a person who requests an exorcism must undergo a medical assessment before receiving one to rule out mental illness, which prolongs the agony. I suspect this evaluation is because the process that the church uses is likely to leave a huge impact on the mind of the individual after 10 to 12 days on average of making sacred declarations over the body, reading the bible, burning incense, shaking holy water and making demands of Satan in multiple languages. Why does their process take so long?

If I told someone “I need an exorcism” I would want someone to make me a priority and get the job done ASAP. I would want the Rolls Royce experience whereby a calm, loving and friendly person took my case and explained to me why everything was attached, when it got attached, where it attached and how it was affecting me and others and clear it all off me immediately. And that is what I have created here at Spirit Free Property and the Brain Integration Institute where I teach self-empowerment processes to others.

We’ve had so much success with our modern methods that an exorcism takes less than 3 hours to complete. Each exorcism is full of loving energetic support for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. We even offer advanced energy healing support to comfort everyone –not just the Highly Sensitive People, so that they can be cleared without experiencing overwhelm or difficulty. People report immediate peace and happiness, better sleep, less mental chatter in their heads, a calmer environment and reduced fear and anxiety to name but a few.

When I hear “I need an exorcism” my first thoughts go to exploring what is attached to the person. I audit the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic bodies to learn what is attached there and then research what is unattached but negatively affecting my client. I step into each experience to describe for them the entities attached and what they are there for.

In addition to clearing ALL ENTITIES (attached or unattached but negatively affecting the client) ALL AT ONCE, I also do soul parts work in the event that the client unconsciously recruited entities to them. This is called “closing the back door” so that entities can not reattach.

“I need an exorcism” is really a cry for spiritual help to support the soul in creating Unity Consciousness and Oneness within itself. With each clearing, a client receives the most loving support possible. Explanations for why the psychic defenses lowered, why they have been in fight or flight mode their entire life and why they experienced spiritual energies the way they did helps the brain process soul level learning.

I know that you have tried so many things before finding me and my colleagues. I know that this exorcism is your number one priority so you can reclaim your peace and happiness. I am here for you and your perfect healing.

Warmest regards,

Annie Kolatkar

Founder, Advanced Energy Healer & Exorcist