We here at Spirit Free Property find that most children are psychically open and aware when entities are around. Psychic Children, often experience “ghosts” (earthbound human souls) or entities in various areas in their home, but especially their bedroom. These intuitive children are usually highly sensitive kids. Do you have kids who sees ghosts?

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Mommy Will You Die In A Fire?
“Lucy” was a precocious little girl of 4 when her mother contacted me. Her daughter had unexplained and irrational fears about their house burning down and her mommy dying. These came out of the blue and her daughter began to cling to her mother and lost interest in her normal activities. She had a hard time sleeping at night. Then she mentioned “the lady from the fire” and her mom knew that her daughter was experiencing something unusual.

Do Most Children See Ghosts?
Most infants and young children are psychically open and know when entities are around. They can be seen constantly checking the room for the unseen threat, reporting on a “non-existent persons”, have unexplained fears or phobias and develop unusual habits around bedtime such as not sleeping in their bed, hiding in their bed with “play weapons” or comforting toys for protection to needing the light on to name but a few.

I often have people ask me, “How can I get rid of a ghost?” Hearing this, I always ask more questions to learn more and often I discover that it is the children that are more affected by the ghost than the adults. Here is why: children, younger than age 7, are often more sensitive or “open” psychically than adults because the age of reason has not landed on them yet. They are wide open psychically and therefore see, hear, small and overall sense more than their parents or older siblings.

How Children Benefit
When an entity clearing has been concluded, children often:

  • Begin to sleep in their own bed
  • Can sleep in the dark
  • Stop talking to their “imaginary friend”
  • They no longer need to hide under the blankets or need to protect or comfort themselves with a toy
  • They stop giving “protection” objects to family members
  • They stop talking to the invisible person in the room
  • They no longer report hearing things that no one else heard
  • Their unexplained fears or phobias simply go away or disappear

Within 24-hours of an Entity Clearing on a property, parents often report to me that their home environment is peaceful and harmonious. Everyone is “less on edge” and their nervous system calms down significantly and it is because their brains are no longer tracking the threat. This is important as the limbic system –in particular the amygdala part of the brain, which is responsible for human’s survival wiring is no longer “on alert” keeping a person in a state of stress.

Additionally, many parents report that their children appear relaxed and engaged in imaginative and creative play for the first time. Many notice greater freedom of expression and more exploration during playtime. This is where infants and children have high quality development time.

If you have a highly sensitive child or suspect you have a psychic child, please consider clearing your home environment. They do not need to live in fear and anxiety which, over a long period of time, can create a form of post-traumatic stress syndrome in some children or develop coping mechanisms for their uncomfortable feelings. A whole home/property clearing is a very easy way to turn off fear and create a supporting environment for your child to grow up in.

Do You Have A Psychic Child?
For those of you with highly sensitive children, our adjunct advisor Ashley Lee, who is also an Advanced Energy Healer, works with highly sensitive children and teaches them how to comfort themselves in the presence of entities/ghosts, stand in their own power and reduce the need for the use of coping mechanisms to deal with the uncomfortable feelings that these energies bring into their experience. You can reach her at her website, which is Ashley Lee Healing.

Now is a good time to get your home or property cleared if you have kids who can see ghosts. Click here to purchase a clearing for your home and transform your child’s fears of ghosts.

If you have any questions, please contact us today. Help is just an email away.

Warmest regards,
Annie Peterson-Kolatkar