managing holiday stress, advanced energy healing, family holiday stress

Managing holiday stress can be a real challenge for even the sanest person. We have some super empowerment tools for you so it doesn’t have to be a challenge for anyone. Here’s our advanced energy healing recipe for staying sane and enjoying yourself every day, not just at the holidays. [Scroll down to keep reading.]

Family Roundtable Meeting Process

Set the Intention whether you are driving for 8-hours, sitting in the airport together or around the dining room table. Acknowledge that family conflicts are real and we are going to figure out now how to work with it.

  • As parents, you can encourage your children to follow your lead and remember the family theme for the holidays. Tell your children in the middle of the stress, “Choose happy and fun” if that is your theme. Or “choose peace, sweetheart, and I’ll help you.”
  • Ask your family, “what would you like to experience in our home while grandma and grandpa are visiting?” Some might say “peace and quiet” or “quality time and fun”, as a few examples.
  • What theme would we like to have as a family and individually? (Peace, joy, happiness, serenity, tranquility, pleasure, quality time, etc.) How about the extended family? All these themes lead to win-win-win situations.

Within your own family, just by setting an intention about how you will manage holiday stress, you bring in advanced energy healing so the Universe is listening to what you want instead of just random stuff happening. Now you are managing holiday stress just with an intention.

managing holiday stress, family holiday stress, advanced energy healing

This little lad has a conflict. He doesn’t want Santa or Mom to judge him. He’s wisely deciding whether or not he wants to be in a conflict situation. This is managing holiday stress, too.

Family coming to visiting your home can create a desire in you to handle holiday stress before it even starts. Set an intention or theme for the experience that is about to descend on your home.

Choose Your Feelings

Once you choose your holiday experience theme, choose your feelings to go with it. We are the Source of our feelings –not others or life circumstances. We get to decide how we feel every moment of the day. Think about this for a moment: what is the natural response to someone who tells you to “cheer up!” when you are feeling blue? Typically, in the moment, there is a refusal. This is a conscious choice. Perhaps your brain needs a reason to decide to cheer up, but currently, you have chosen to feel down.

Where Is Your Happiness?

As part of managing your holiday stress we feel this remind is in order. If you feel down look for where you might have given your happiness away:

  • Others – by feeling their judgments and beliefs about you, going into agreement with them that it is/was the truth of you; perhaps your agenda with other(s) did not get met and your un-met expectations lead to disappointment. Release your judgments and beliefs about them and heal the separation between you and notice the good feelings return to the inside of your body.
  • Life circumstances – just because life hasn’t offered up what you desire and want doesn’t mean you need to feel sad; blaming life for your feelings is not the truth of the situation; examine your judgments and beliefs about life and see where you gave your power away to your circumstances.
  • Self – self-judgments, self-limiting beliefs and self-rejection will push all the good happy feelings outside of your body leaving you with nothing to feel good about on the inside. Release these immediately.
  • Learn more about this topic, read our blog entry on this important subject.

Just knowing that you can choose your feelings is a powerful step, for example, to realizing that your eighty-year old grandmother is not the one driving you crazy! She might roll out the red carpet for other family members to judge her with her crazy ideas of camping outside a big box store Christmas night to get to the after-Christmas bargains first, but family may believe she has no consideration for the family members who will have to take care of her if she gets a chest cold. Others may feel the wrath of her judgments of how “no one in the family cares about what I want” when in fact they do. The need to defend oneself against a falsehood may be tempting, but don’t let the ego tempt you to defend yourself. It’s not about you! It’s about grandma projecting her beliefs on you and everyone else. It’s a trap of the ego, to want to defend oneself and make the other person, grandma in this case, wrong and perhaps “pay”. Choose not to go there. Instead, stop and breathe and realize that grandma is projecting her judgments and beliefs on you in the heat of the moment and release all of that back to her. You can do this because it is in your experience and you noticed it as uncomfortable feelings in your body. This is managing holiday stress.

managing holiday stress, advanced energy healing, family holiday stressOoops! I Yelled At Grandma And Called Her An Idiot

If you default to anger or sadness over her projections on you, don’t worry, you can still do self-care after the fact. Stop and breathe. Start by releasing your own self-judgments and self-limiting beliefs that you weren’t empowered in the heat of the moment. Learning to be conflict free doesn’t happen in minute, it is something you practice daily until it just happens in one breath. You can breathe in peace the moment grandma starts her rants. Coping is out, and self-empowerment is in! The need for extra sweets, a stiff drink, a cigarette to calm your nerves or surround yourself with light, angels or protection energy from her vicious digs is now over. As a spiritually empowered person, you will now:

  • stop and breathe
  • re-center – center yourself with love and connect with your theme, which is a way to remember how you are choosing to spend your holiday
  • offer comfort energy to your body
  • consciously choose to release or let go of the conflict from all angles and levels
  • remember that the Truth of who you are is Love and the same is True for Grandma
  • from your heart space, shine those Truths over to her

Now THAT is advanced energy healing and you can master this in the days ahead of the holiday events so that by your next family event, you will be managing holiday stress in one breath like a pro!

TIP FROM THE MASTERS: Before difficult family members even get to your house or you reach theirs, release your projections and expectations about how they are and how they will be when you are around them. This means you let go of your expectation that, for example, they will be difficult or horrible to be around. You can say in your heart, “I consciously release my projections, judgments and beliefs about Grandma and her projections, judgments and beliefs on me. I choose to feel peace this holiday season and support her feeling peace, too.”

Stay Healthy Through The Holidays By Managing Holiday Stress When It Appears

First, recognize that the stress is a conflict. Maybe, a prior step for you, if you are empathic/intuitive, is to notice that it is not your conflict. For example, it may be that you walked in on Grandma Mary and her sister Thelma Lou arguing over whether or not Grandma should camp outside on a cold winter’s night. Noticing that the uncomfortable feelings you picked up from the heated conflict are not yours is helpful for highly sensitive types that pick up and notice the vibes around you.

managing holiday stress, advanced energy healing, family holiday stressIf it is someone else’s conflict, stop and breathe, express gratitude to yourself for noticing that the uncomfortable feelings are not your and let it all go. Perhaps say to your body, “Thanks for getting my attention. These are not my feelings and I consciously let them go.” Consciously clear those energies from your body so you do not store or suppress the uncomfortable energies in your body. Previously, you may have stabilized your experience around the discomfort, but now you can clear them as they happen, so you do not have a backlog of stuff to clear out. No longer do we suffer through, we clear as we go so we can maintain peace and happiness in every moment.

Second, if the conflict is something you are engaged in, take a deep breath. Engagement means you have an opinion about the conflict. Perhaps you agree with Thelma Lou that Grandma should not camp out overnight because you believe she will get pneumonia from the cold, damp winter air and her history of respiratory infections. Your first step is always to:

  • stop and breathe
  • offer comfort energy to your body
  • clear your self-judgments, self-limiting beliefs and any agreements you may have gone into with the other person(s) in the conflict. With these cleared, you may find you see things anew or can notice more clearly the other person’s projections on you, along with their judgments and beliefs. But it also means you may see your own judgments and beliefs that you hold about the other person in high definition. All of their stuff you may clear in one breath and release it all back to the other person. This need not remain in your energy field. This is about them, not you. But your own judgments and beliefs need to be released. Say in your heart and mind, “I consciously release my judgments and beliefs about Grandma and her risking getting sick.”
  • With all that clear, now release the components and any conditions you might want something as an outcome, such as an apology for being inconsiderate to family or Grandma making a promise to the family that she won’t camp out.

Health Warning

Anyone who consciously chooses to hold out for a condition to be met by the other party in the conflict is asking for trouble down the line. Are you really going to hang on to the bad, judgmental feelings about Grandma if you don’t get a commitment from her? If the answer is yes, are you choosing to run (self-) victim energy? This must be cleared before you clear the conflict successfully. People who choose to hold onto the uncomfortable feelings are storing the feelings in their mind and body. This is building the pathway to the pathology of disease in the physical body and mind. This is why the stress continues and builds up and people get sick. Cancer, as an example, is a very expensive pathology to heal. There is always a price tag on your health for holding on to and suppressing uncomfortable feelings in your cells.

managing holiday stress, advanced energy healing, family holiday stressHelp Is Available

If you need help releasing the root cause for holding onto these negative and life destroying energies or for managing holiday stress more significantly, we can help you. Often there are a multitude of suppression energies in play that need to be released and we are expert at finding and releasing them. Family Constellation work can look at the unhealthy patterns and be identified, cleared and shifted resulting in everyone having a better experience. Soul family issues and other multidimensional issues can be identified and cleared with advanced energy healing and healer support.

Managing Holiday Stress can be made easier with support from advanced energy healing and the healers who facilitate it. Reach out now, using our contact form, to get the support you need. You may click here to purchase an Initial Consultation. We’re here to help you stand in your power and the Truth of who you are, which is Love. May your holiday season be everything you desire and more. Be blessed!

Warmest regards,
Annie and Ashley