Concierge Maintenance Package-Annual Fee


Our Concierge Maintenance Package was created because a few of our clients have extraordinary needs outside of the normal real estate request.

Our experience has shown us every time that all of the following (and more) contribute to energies and entities attaching to the estate post clearing:

  • anyone in the space who experiences negative emotions, such as fear, anxiety or anger can leave energetic trace
  • the addition of new artwork, antiques, collectables such as weapons, jewelry, etc. that have entities attached
  • large parties which include drugs and alcohol, attract entities when people’s psychic defenses are lowered
  • gifts often come with entities, emotional attachments, hopes and desires, and more
  • power and wealth have an uncanny way of attracting entities and curses because of the dynamics of business, politics, religion, family, governing law and other factors.
  • new neighbors bring new entities (includes human ghosts who might wander through your properties)

Concierge Maintenance Package ensures you get on our highly confidential and frequently checked “High Priority List”. This list is checked two or three times a month to learn if new entities have attached and we automatically clear it without question.

If you have a concern about your place at any time, you may contact us directly and initiate a clearing at any time. We usually see requests for clearings after someone has died on an  estate, or a rare artifact or item has been acquired. Don’t wait for us to check; alert us immediately when you are about to purchase an item and we will clear it before it even arrives. Keep your beautiful estate home entity free!

We are keen on protecting your privacy and maintaining each person’s trust and confidence in us. Only Mike Peterson and Anne Marie Peterson handle Concierge Clients. Both are willing to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. We have no desire to incur bad karma.

If you have concerns about your privacy and whether or not we need to know about the details of what needs clearing, rest assured that we do not. For example, a client of ours added a pearl bracelet to her collection and it needed clearing. We did not need to know the history, how she obtained it, from whom, where it is being stored (home vault, bank safety deposit box) etc. as it is irrelevant to us.

 AQ – Multiple Property Portfolio

Please inquire about how we may serve you in your real estate investment portfolio. We have a couple clients who use us to clear units in apartment buildings and rental homes before they put them back on the market. We generally fin, that this improves the lost opportunity cost. This is part of the wealth recovery process.


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