Large Estate Clearing

For large estates such as mansions, villas, palaces and castles we offer a highly confidential report of our findings. If there is anything in particular you would like us to give extra attention, we will be happy to check in on those items or places. For example, we have checked in on rooms that are reportedly haunted, identified what entities were attached to jewelry and other personal items.

Included in this package, we do an entity clearing on all personnel that work on the estate.

We highly suggest our Concierge Maintenance Package.

In large estates, we have learned that all of the following and more contribute to entities attaching to the estate post clearing:

  • the addition of new artwork, antiques, collectables such as weapons and other items such as jewelry that have entities attached
  • large parties which include drugs and alcohol, attract entities when people’s psychic defenses are lowered
  • gifts often come with entities, emotional attachments, hopes and desires, and more
  • power and wealth have an uncanny way of attracting entities and curses because of the dynamics of business, politics, religion, family, governing law and other factors.

Add the Concierge Maintenance Package to ensure you get on our highly confidential and frequently checked “High Priority List”. This list is checked two or three times a month to learn if new entities have attached and we automatically clear it without question. If you have a concern about your place at any time, you can contact us and initiate a clearing at any time. We usually see requests for clearings after someone has died on the estate, or a rare artifact or item has been acquired. Don’t wait for us to check; alert us.

Rush Orders can ensure a 24-hour or less turnaround. Be sure to add that to the cart before checking out.

When you go to check out, there will be an “Additional Information” box to the right of your name and address data entry field on the payment page. Please include the address (with apartment or suite number) and city/state/country that you wish us to clear.

For multiple addresses, please make sure you have entered the correct number of items to your basket before check out. For example, if you want three (3) Single Family Homes cleared, enter 3 for the quantity you wish to purchase and be sure to include all three addresses in the additional information box.

Please allow 1 to 7 days for the clearing to be completed from the time payment clears. We will send an email with a certificate confirming the clearing and a confidential report of our findings pertaining to the estate.


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