Rush Order


We allow for Rush Orders.
Rush orders are completed in the order in which they are received. Thankfully, we’ve never had two at one time! Your emergency is our emergency. We will make you our Number One Priority ASAP!

Once payment has cleared we will immediately process your request and clear it. You may add notes to your order to help us understand the urgency if necessary. Use the “Additional Information” box to the right of your name and address on the payment page.

NOTE: If this is a personal possession or demon (rare) situation, please use our contact form to get our attention ASAP so that we can contact you immediately while PayPal is processing your order.

When you go to check out, there will be an “Additional Information” box to the right of your name and address data entry field on the payment page. Please include the address (with apartment or suite number) and city/state/country that you wish us to clear.

For multiple addresses, please make sure you have entered the correct number of items to your basket before check out. For example, if you want three (3) Single Family Homes cleared, enter 3 for the quantity you wish to purchase and be sure to include all three addresses in the additional information box.

Please allow 1 to 12 hours for the clearing to be completed from the time payment clears. We will send an email confirming the clearing.


We will process rush orders! This fee is in addition to the clearing fee. This is your ticket that tells us, “Please drop everything and help me!” Give us 1-12 hours to get your clearing done.

If this is a possession of a person, please use our contact form to additionally reach us while your order is processing in PayPal.

Thank you for choosing us as your ghost removal service provider.



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