What People Are Saying

“After 18 months stagnating on the market, we received a full price offer within four days of your clearing procedure! It was an honor to allow me to participate with you, I’ve never experienced anything like that! Even my husband, the skeptic, was impressed!”

G.R. Technology Sales

Cupertino, California

“What you did is just wonderful. The problem tenants have moved out and everyone in the complex just seems to be nicer! My friend the clairvoyant who visited said ‘Wow, whoever did the clearing here did an amazing job. It’s like you can breathe again!”

M.M. Bar & Restaurant Owner

Atlanta, Georgia

“Thank you so much! My parents, who rely on their income property in their retirement are so happy that their units are doing so well. Turnover is down and we are turning leases in under a week when someone leaves at the end of their lease. Your work is amazing.”

C.B. Real Estate Agent

Perth, Western Australia

“I don’t know how you did it, but I’ve never had such peace and quiet in my own head. It took me the entire weekend and then I realized 90% of the internal chatter was gone! Hallelujah!”

P.F. Business Consultant

Mill Valley, California

“Wow, I can’t believe you were able to move the portal out of my living room! I haven’t seen or felt a single ghost from the moment you did the clearing until now (18 months later) I can’t believe I lived with that stress for decades. Best of all, I have my couch to myself again.”

R.R. Retired pharmacist

Freeland, Pennsylvania

“If you hadn’t cleared the energy of the occupants before the auction, I am positive that we never would have gotten market value for the property. I’m amazed, to be honest, since this million dollar home sat for so long and the low-ball offers were mind-blowing. Good work guys! My former home owners are very, very happy with the results.”

T.B. Agent for Property Auctions

Perth, Western Australia

“My hyperactive son calmed down within a week of his clearing and he has been acting normal ever since. I had no idea that entities can stay with a family for generations. Your service is so beneficial to others. Namaste.”

S.H. Mother

Mumbai, India

“Hooley Dooley! I had no idea so much was affecting my rental property out in the boonies. I’m so glad you were able to clear everything right away.”

K.J. Property Investor

Western Australia

“I had no idea that woman was attached to me and causing all that trouble. Simply amazing! Thank you again so much!”

M.N. Software executive

San Diego, California

“What you guys did at my house that night was amazing! I’ve never experienced anything like that; now I tell everyone about what you did for me!”

G.F. Author

Publisher, Pacifica, California

“The house is super quiet now. My kids no longer hear things.”

P.K. Renter


“My little girl is not having nightmares about fire anymore. What a relief. Thank you.”

C.G. Homeowner

Capetown, South Africa