The Ghost In My House” you say?

I say, “It needs help or it wouldn’t be there. The ghost is not okay and neither is your brain and nervous system because you have a ghost in your house”. Let’s look at it from both perspectives.

The Ghost Perspective

First, a ghost is a disembodied human soul that is stuck on a particular dimension due to conflict(s).

1.) Disembodied souls are spirits that were previously living in a human body. They can be from a miscarriage from conception to just before birth to someone who lived to be over a hundred years old. Age is irrelevant in the making of a ghost but age often points to why they are stuck. Ghosts get stuck when they don’t know where to go or resist going where they know they need to go. In a miscarriage, we find they attach to a sibling because they want to be with family and feel cheated of their chance. Elderly people who stay stuck in the past and haven’t forgiven others or themselves hang around not knowing how to solve the emotional conflicts from their life in a body.

2.) A dimension describes where the ghost is stuck. If it is stuck on the:

  • 3rd dimension, it may be trying to get back into a body.
  • 4th dimension, look for a soul being stuck with mental and emotional conflict energies.
  • 5th dimension, look for spiritual conflicts
  • 6th dimension, the soul is looking for spontaneous healing
  • 7th – 9th dimensions, we typically find soul group conflicts
  • 10th – 15th dimension, we typically find deep suppression energies whereby a soul has difficulty being Sovereign.

3.) Conflicts arise when a soul goes into judgment and carries beliefs about themselves, others and life circumstances. These conflicts must be released and forgiven (healed) for the soul to declare themselves sovereign from the conflict and be able to choose the State of Heaven, which is to say, “no longer makes judgments from the Ego (Mind) and stays present in the states of peace, happiness, joy, love and bliss. We would also like to add that being in a state of Pure Awareness of the One in the Mind of God is the ultimate Enlightened State for any soul.

All these points above must be addressed to support the mental, emotional and spiritual healing of your ghost in order to release them from your home and property permanently.

The Brain and Nervous System Perspective

Your brain and nervous system work together to sense what is going on inside and outside of you. From the moment your brain and nervous system suspects and registers the words “the ghost in my house” rest assured you have triggered the survival brain into action. This ancient brain will track the presence of your invisible house guest to make sure that you are surviving “the ghost in my house” that you brought to its attention. The vast amounts of energy you spend unconsciously paying attention to the ghost is a brain-drain. It depletes people and cause a multitude of problems, including insomnia, paranoia, depression and more uncomfortable feelings in the body. Wouldn’t you rather use your precious energy for your goals and dreams rather than tracking what’s going on around you?

The Ghost In My House

When I check in with the Knowing Field and ask, “On average, how many people around the world, live with a ghost(s) in a place they call home?” I get around 62%. This is significant. I find that most people have a ghost who is attached or unattached but is negatively impacting them.

Unattached ghosts come from:

  • spirits who wander and explore,
  • neighbors,
  • other occupants in the house or apartment that have someone attached,
  • the land your home sits on is part of a bigger parcel that they consider to be theirs (e.g., Native Americans, settlers)
  • ghost portals in the area

If you find yourself talking about “the ghost in my house” it is time you did something about it.

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Click here to purchase a clearing. Our clearings are confidential and 100% guaranteed effective. The list of things we check in on is too long to mention, but we clear your property of everything we can find attached or unattached but negatively affecting you all-at-once. This includes negative or discordant energies from the past and present and the clearing covers all contents of your property. Now that is a bonus!

Do a super loving thing for the ghost in your house and yourself sooner than later. Your brain and nervous system will thank you.

Warmest regards,
Annie Kolatkar
Founder and Advanced Energy Healer

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