Questions Frustrated Sellers Ask Themselves Without Ever Getting An Answer:

  • Why won’t my house sell?
  • How come this condo won’t rent when demand is high and it’s a nice looking property in the perfect location?
  • Why is my property sitting too long on the market for no good reason?
  • Buyers like it, but there is just something that turns them away that no one can identify…
  • Why are buyers and renters avoiding my open house?

You might want to consider that your house is haunted, but not in the literal sense.

What Exactly Is A Haunted House?
A “haunted house” doesn’t always mean that there is a literal ghost in it. But it can mean that you have negative energy, energetic parts of someone’s soul or consciousness attached to it somewhere, stagnant energy, and even too much of the seller’s energy in the building. All of that is haunting or lingering in the space and doesn’t ever leave. It stays until people like us clear it away permanently.

Imagine that you want to buy a property for an upbeat family-style restaurant and your realtor tells you he found you a bar that went out of business, that has a great building which looks perfect on paper, is situated on a terrific corner near retailers that share your demographic, and basically has all the criteria that you are looking for to make your business a success. But upon visiting the site, you are met with a depressing run down pub that is dark, dank, has an energy of seediness and old smell of cigarettes, booze and just feels tired and by the time you leave the bar, your mood is down and your energy bottomed out. You ask your realtor, “What the heck were you thinking? This place is awful. You couldn’t gut the place and get rid of the creepiness factor.”

Is this place haunted even if there is no earthbound soul hanging out here? You bet! The entity burden on this site is really high. You even recognize places like this and probably avoid them instinctively.

This is what we do. We take your house from being haunted by energy that no longer serves you or anyone else and clean it for the next person. And we make sure it is 100% cleared all at once.

Help Is Available
In this pub example, an full entity clearing of the building, land, all contents on the property (literally everything that is on the property at the time of the clearing from fixtures, hardware, furniture assets, the tiniest paperclip, etc.), and anything in the neighborhood that is negatively affecting the space. This could be a ghost that wanders the neighborhood at night looking for his or her old watering-hole.

Once the building is cleared and all the energy set to neutral, the entities that were formerly affecting the space no longer weigh the place down. It is dramatic what changes occur for places like this. How, you might ask?

  • Construction teams work better with fewer injuries
  • Your vision for the space is unimpeded by the former owner’s energy
  • People will be attracted to a space where there are no entities
  • Fewer obstacles to success because there is no negative energy
  • Employees enjoy working at your restaurant
  • People feel relaxed in your place
  • You raise the vibration of the neighborhood increasing the good for all present

Imagine Your Home Free of Entities Now
Imagine that the vibration around your house is raised and everyone feels better in the neighborhood after we have completed the entity clearing. Imagine the house attracting the right and perfect buyer for you because the house is energetically neutral and available for the potential buyer to imagine themselves in. Now, imagine getting a good price. In your mind’s eye, see that obstacles to closing on the property are reduced or eliminated completely. Now, see yourself getting on with your life now that your property is sold and you can move on with your dreams and plans for a better life. Doesn’t that feel good?

This is what we do. We take your house from being haunted by energy that no longer serves you or anyone else and clean it for the next person. And we make sure it is 100% cleared all at once.

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